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Marco Dallago


Marco Dallago celebrates winning the 2014 World Championship

2015/16 is Marco Dallago's 6th year competing in Red Bull Crashed Ice. Born and raised near Graz, in Austria, Marco started skiing at the age of four and got introduced to ice hockey a year later in the premier league club. Back in 2003, 13-year-old Marco saw Red Bull Crashed Ice on TV and was immediately interested. In 2010, when it became the Ice Cross Downhill World Championship, Marco searched for the local trials and qualified in Ingolstadt, Germany, for the first race in Munich in 2011. The ice speed skater and extreme sport enthusiast showed stamina, strength, and balance in a four-stop battle against the world's ice cross downhill elite on his way to becoming the 2014 Ice Cross Downhill World Champion. During the summer of 2015, Marco and his younger brother, Luca, built a wooden track in a forest outside Graz, Austria, to practice their skills and train ahead of the new season. Read the full story from the Dallagos' summer training camp here. Aside from the fun of competing, Marco enjoys the atmosphere the event brings and the cities he gets to travel to around the world. His main motivation comes from racing in front of thousands of screaming fans.

Marco Dallago wins World Championship in 2014